Traveling with children

Necessary documents for traveling abroad for minor children who are only Bulgarian citizens

1. Identity card or international passport

-Minor children (up to 14 years old) can travel abroad with a Bulgarian international passport.

-Minor children (from 14 to 18 years old) can travel abroad with an international passport or an identity card

Notarized declaration – written consent to travel abroad by the child’s parents.

When traveling abroad with a minor child without one or both parents, in addition to the child’s valid passport or identity card, a notarized declaration of consent for the child’s travel abroad by the parent not traveling with the child must be presented at the border points for verification , respectively by both parents, if both do not accompany the child on the trip.

The “Bulgarian Identity Documents” Directorate recommends that in the case of an organized trip of minors and minors of Bulgarian citizens abroad, unaccompanied by a parent, the accompanying person specified in the travel declaration should be authorized to sign documents for the issuance of a new Bulgarian identity document if necessary in cases of lost, stolen or destroyed personal documents. According to the institution, this point would greatly facilitate residence in a foreign country in the event of some of the above-mentioned situations.

The original consent declaration and 2 photocopies of it must be presented at the border crossing point. These copies do not need to be notarized. Border officials check the correspondence between the original and the copy, and the latter remains with them.

When there is no notary public in the town where the child lives, a declaration of consent for the child to travel abroad can also be certified by the following persons:

the registration judge at the relevant district court;

the mayor of the settlement that is not a municipal center, and if it is a municipal center – the mayor, the deputy mayor, the secretary of the municipality, as well as the deputy mayor.

The declaration can also be certified in the Bulgarian consular offices at the relevant embassies.

A notarized declaration-consent for the child’s travel abroad is NOT required in the following cases:

– when only one parent is entered in the birth certificate or the other parent is deceased – in this case, the original birth certificate, resp. of the death certificate, as well as simple photocopies of these documents, which copies do not need to be notarized;

For all exceptions where a declaration of consent to travel abroad or additional documents is not required, seek professional advice from a notary public. / e.g. one parent is a foreign citizen, when the parent who does not accompany the child is deprived of parental rights by court order, when only one parent is listed in the birth certificate or the child has dual citizenship, etc. /


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