Before traveling

Learn the most important things to know before your trip
Everyone knows that the last few days before a trip can be stressful and overloaded with many tasks, so here are some tips.
  • Make sure that your travel document - passport, ID card is valid. Check if a visa or other document is required for the country you are traveling to.
  • Recheck your data in the ticket – departure time, direction, names.
  • Pre-request an address or GPS coordinates of the departure point to make it easier to find. If you do not know the departure stop or the destination well, it is a good idea to print out or take a photo of the relevant section of the map in advance. This will save valuable time while you find the stop. Plan your time so that you are on time at the place of departure - necessarily 30-40 minutes before the time indicated on your ticket.
  • Print your ticket. Even if it is enough to show the ticket in an electronic version, such as a QR Code, photo or pdf on the smartphone, we recommend that you have the ticket printed on paper. This would help you a lot if your cell phone freezes or your battery runs out.
  • When traveling with minor children, check their documents. Unaccompanied children under 18 present at the border a notarized declaration from their parent(s) about the right to travel abroad. Need for a travel seat - some carriers do not carry children up to 150 cm and up to 36 kg. without a safety seat provided for travel. When traveling with children, it is good to provide a way to make the trip pleasant for them - blanket, game, book, music.
  • Check the baggage conditions in advance. Make sure that your luggage fits within the dimensions and kilograms included in the ticket. If the size, kg. or the number exceeds those mentioned in the travel conditions - contact the office in advance to clarify the possibilities of transporting additional luggage for a fee. In all cases, however, it is good to mark your suitcase in an easily noticeable way - with a color label, link or other distinguishing mark, because often the models are similar and the colors are the same.
  • When you travel by long-distance bus, on an international route, you need to put your luggage in the luggage compartment, so everything you will need during the trip, such as phone charger, tablet, external battery, phone headset, a book, magazine, water, snack, as well as valuables must be with you in your hand luggage.
  • Before traveling, if you are going to use card payment - check the coverage of the cards you have - international, local or only in Europe. Check their validity and availability.
Prepare in advance and make your trip enjoyable!


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