Baggage conditions when traveling with the company Racic

  • Passenger's luggage/suitcase, bag, bag, etc./for transporting items in the luggage compartment of the bus with dimensions/60cmx40cmx80cm/up to 30kg, subject to check-in.
  • Hand luggage for transport in the cabin of a bus with dimensions /40cmx20cmx30cm/ up to 5 kg.
  • The carrier is responsible when transporting luggage in the luggage compartment of the bus, only for the availability of a luggage unit and does not guarantee its integrity and functionality. In this regard, it is not responsible for: superficial damage to the luggage such as damaged wheels, handles, cuts, scratches, deformations, stains, etc. appeared during the trip. The passenger is personally responsible for the storage of hand luggage during the trip, including during breaks and border crossings.
  • Additional baggage is payable. The passenger is issued a luggage sticker and a financial document with a receipt at the offices of SP-Racic s-ie SD. Baggage without a luggage sticker or luggage that does not belong to a passenger is not allowed on the bus. When handing in his luggage, the passenger must keep in mind that access to personal belongings in the luggage compartment is limited throughout the flight. The passenger receives his luggage upon presentation of the corresponding luggage sticker. The carrier recommends the passenger to insure his luggage before travel.
  • Exceeding the baggage sizes specified in the rules will result in additional charges or refusal of carriage.
  • Additional luggage is transported only if there is free space in the luggage compartment of the bus, which is determined by the driver depending on the number of passengers on the bus, distributed by city. When transporting additional luggage, prior agreement with the carrier is recommended.
  • Passengers are prohibited from obstructing or blocking with hand luggage or otherwise the aisle between seats.
  • The carrier has the right to deny the passenger the carriage of additional baggage.
  • In the period from 15.06 to 15.09 and from 15.12 to 15.01, the carriage of additional luggage is limited, it is accepted only against written permission from the carrier.
The carrier may refuse carriage of baggage:
  • If the contents, configuration, condition / short-life, fragility, smell, etc. / of the luggage can damage the luggage or clothes of other passengers, the bus interior, the luggage compartment, and can also interfere with the passengers or the bus crew.
  • If the passenger refuses to pay extra for luggage exceeding the amount or sizes approved for free transportation, behaves defiantly, rudely or in any emotional or physical way expresses his displeasure to the crew when boarding the bus on the occasion of the extra payment or refused such.
It is prohibited to carry in the luggage of the passengers and on the passengers themselves:
  • Melee and firearms, incendiary substances, pyrotechnics, poisonous, narcotic, narcotic, psychotropic substances and analogues, equipment, materials for the production of narcotic substances, objects and substances which by their nature are dangerous for the life and health of passengers. Works of art, historical and numismatic objects that do not have a document issued for use and transfer, materials of prohibited organizations, goods with unpaid excise duty, cigarettes and alcohol with paid excise duty but above legal quantities for personal use, skimming devices, objects and other prohibited with Law.

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